“We now live in a world where business is being rethought. I maintain the priority of confidentiality in working with business owners to develop optimal solutions for getting MORE out of their businesses.”   Jeff Collette, Principal at Helpsco

Services to Get More Out of Your Business

Business Financial Planning and Analysis:

  • Cash budget development with sensitivity analysis
  • Operating budget development
  • Business financial analysis with recommendations

Business Workflow Analysis and Optimization:

  • Business value stream mapping, analysis, and recommendations
    • Properly document business value streams
    • Analyze value streams and diagnose opportunities
    • Lead efforts to simplify and optimize value creation
  • Lean Six Sigma speed and quality improvement to get more out of your business
    • Review and prioritize performance goals
    • Performance measurement, analysis, and putting the “prove” in improvement
    • Lead entire project to guarantee goal achievement, documentation, knowledge transfer, risk mitigation, and ongoing controls

Business Strategy:

  • Developing and implementing strategic plans
  • Optimizing core strengths to create greater value



A no-surprise fee structure keeps you in control and on budget. All work requires your pre-approval and is logged and itemized as completed.
It’s my pleasure to offer a complimentary review.


  • Hourly
  • Retainer – A pre-approved monthly or project-based reserve amount is credited in installments as work is completed
  • Value-Based Fee – Shared value for achieving pre-approved results