How Do You Know Your Numbers?
Value Proposition
Problem: Business leaders need to understand where time and money live in their business in order to manage profitability.
Solution: I’m a Business Management Consultant who works with firms to improve financial performance and solve profitability problems using proven methods.
HELPSCO helps:
• Objectively assess business operations to identify and implement improvements that work for YOU
• Unburden leadership to bring back the fun, by tackling financial planning and analysis
• Consistently achieve YOUR business goals and objectives, using proven methods, tools, and experience


Testimonial from Maria Messier, Extendher:

“Every business owner has strengths and weaknesses, and it is human nature to focus on things at which we enjoy or excel. As a Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur, I found financial planning/forecasting completely overwhelming. Sure, I had a basic spreadsheet and a business plan, but it was useless because I never looked at it. I knew that I needed to focus on the operations of the business, but I simply didn’t understand how to interpret the data. This all changed when I met Jeff at HELPSCO. Jeff has helped me realize that understanding the inner workings of business flow is critical for success. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he was able to build a workable tool that incorporates all of the key components of our business, pinpointing exact revenue per sale. Through concrete data, this interactive tool has been instrumental in helping me recognize what channels bring revenue, and what ultimately our costs are – something every business owner needs to understand. Jeff has helped me identify areas of waste, and together we have built a well thought out strategy to improve profitability. He has been such a tremendous asset to our team, and is exactly what we needed to tighten up our systems. Jeff is sincere, dedicated, and truly believes in our business. I am so grateful that we found HELPSCO, and look forward seeing what the future brings!”

Please Call or Text Jeff at: 518.760.1254